John Davis Held

Fine Arts Painter

John Davis Held’s love for art began in his early childhood when his parents would bring him and his two sisters to the world-class art galleries of New York City. These trips, often paired with a meal at a fine restaurant, pointed him in the direction his life would ultimately take.

John has a vivid memory of eating his first chocolate éclair in the member’s cafeteria of the Museum of Modern Art, after visiting a Rene Magritte exhibition. He recalls this day as a real eye-opener and a turning point in his love for fine art.

John also developed a love for travel, often drawing his inspiration for paintings from the many countries he experienced. For example, John spent several months living in an African Hut before hitch-hiking across Europe to paint the cathedrals, castles, and countryside. Traveling has allowed John to probe “extraordinary and sacred mysteries from different vantage points” to ensure that something unique and inspirational lies beneath the beauty of his art.

“We are the lucky ones. For those who love art, looking at artwork that moves us is like drinking a glass of exquisite wine−only incomparably better! As artists, we pick up our pastels and paintbrushes and make our marks on paper, canvas, and the world. My work has a deep sense of peace and light, and it is an honor to share it with so many kind souls.”

When not traveling, John is in his studio in the Baltimore neighborhood of Tuscany-Canterbury, where he draws inspiration from the beautiful Tudor architecture, his wife, and their three cats.

John Davis Held is known for beautiful, pastoral landscape paintings. His art is available at the HorseSpirit Arts Gallery and the Troika Gallery in Maryland; Gallery D’May in New Jersey; and the New Canaan Gallery in Connecticut.

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