Sold Artwork

Please enjoy browsing through these pieces of artwork that were sold through our Online Gallery to another HorseSpirit Arts Gallery customer. Although they are not available, we hope you find these pieces uplifting and inspiring – and If you find a piece that speaks to you, there are several options to consider:

  • You can commission the Artist to create another unique piece of art using a similar theme, subject, or style. This option is available for any art medium.

  • For some paintings, the Artists can develop high quality giclée / print of original painting.

  • If you are inspired by a particular Artist’s work, please go look at their other artwork in our Online Gallery, or visit the Gallery in person to see more of their work.

To take advantage of any of these options, please contact us at –, 301-490-2001. Much Kindness, Robin Holliday

No products were found matching your selection.