Home Is Where the Heart Is

Artist: Linda Trope

Medium: Mixed Media

Dimensions: 26″h x 21″w Framed, Matted, Glass


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Linda Trope:  "Two figures, male and female. The female is pregnant and the male is caressing her belly, holding their soon to be born child.  They are represented in front of their physical home, but their home is also each other.  Represents the resurgent power of love and family."

"The human figure as expressed in modern dance has always informed my art. Setting exaggerated poses of dance figures into fanciful landscapes or complex geometric repeat backgrounds, I achieve a painterly effect using a pointillist technique (stippling) employing archival translucent ink brush markers and small nib pens and overlaying three or more colors, working from lighter to darker colors to create increasingly intense levels of depth and color." - Artist Linda Trope

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