Shared Harvest

Artist: Wendy Ng

Medium: Colored Pencil

Dimensions: 12″h x 12″w Framed, Matted, Glass


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Wendy Ng: "Resurgence is aptly named for this time of my life. After a whole decade of developing skills in decorating eggs with dyes and a wax-resist technique, I have just begun to explore etching with acid and engraving tools. At the same time, I am reconnecting with old skills and learning new techniques in drawing. With the COVID-19 Pandemic, the enforced stay-at-home period has allowed me to re-evaluate the directions of my artistic energy. The pieces I have chosen for HorseSpirit Arts Gallery Resurgence Art Show reflect much of the lessons I have learned."

"My neighbor shared with me the abundance of her garden one year and I fell in love with the brilliant colors of her squashes and the interesting look of one of the stems. With my recent re-connection with traditional drawing and painting techniques, I thought the squashes were the perfect candidates for a colored pencil drawing. As my neighbor shared with me, I share the harvest and my resurgent drawing interest with you in Shared Harvest."

Gloss Varnished, Framed with Museum Glass

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