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Sharon Trumbull



Sharon Trumbull is most inspired by the transformational quality of light on the world around us. Through her oil paintings, she strives to convey timeless visual experiences glimpsed amid the chaos of daily routine.

Sharon holds a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Drawing and Painting from the University of Delaware, and A Master of Fine Art in Painting from the University of Maryland, College Park. Subsequent professional development has included workshops with nationally known artist-instructors, artist residencies, and sabbatical research which resulted in a solo exhibition.

Sharon has worked as an illustrator, gallery manager, and art instructor. For over twenty years, she has taught painting and drawing full-time at The Community College of Baltimore County, where she is currently a Full Professor.  An accomplished educator and mentor, she fosters student success and celebrates students’ victories, from generous scholarships to gallery shows, teaching positions, and fulfilling creative careers. Recent acknowledgments include a Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Educator Award for Excellence.

In addition to teaching, Sharon maintains an active studio practice of commissioned paintings and personal work. Her paintings have won awards in regional exhibits and nationally juried shows and hang in private and corporate collections. When time allows, she conducts focused painting workshops in oil and watercolor. Currently the Artist in Residence at Hampton National Historic Site in Towson, Maryland, she organizes Plein air workshops and has embraced a new community of artists and collectors.

Artist statement: I prefer to work from direct observation; my figurative practice began as a series of paintings of my two daughters. I often explore relationships between the figure and environment, between one human and nature. I hope viewers connect with the people I paint, finding a reflection of their own journey. 

Not long ago I began painting Plein air landscapes, a change of pace from studio projects. The challenge of capturing light and mood swiftly on location, along with my love of the outdoors has made for rewarding new painting experiences.

Sharon’s art is available at the HorseSpirit Arts Gallery in Savage, MD.

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