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Tommy Roberts


Tommy’s love for and pursuance of art started long before his formal art education. Drawing and painting most of his life, Tommy says his love of art blossomed to the surface at the age of nine, when he was also diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, which has confined him to a wheelchair. Although his physical condition kept him from running and playing football and baseball with the neighborhood kids, his artistic appetite increased, creating a different kind of outlet for enjoying his childhood and young adult life.

Tommy received his art education at the Maryland Institute College of Art where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Art.

In his portraits, Tommy is able to capture the subject’s emotions, character, and spirit. His interpretations of landscape paintings reflect the atmosphere, beauty, and essence of the scene. He has experienced the wonders and enlightenment of traveling, visiting Paris and painting in Monet’s Garden, Jamaica, The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and Mexico, to name a few. These places and life experiences have helped to develop his unique drawing and painting style.

Tommy’s enthusiasm for life and art is the reason so many art enthusiasts have been admiring his positive spirit and his works for years.