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Wendy Ng



Wendy Ng loves how the play of light and shadows affects her perception of shapes and textures. She enjoys studying the details in the scenes around her. Her interests are reflected in her current absorption in decorated eggs and colored pencil.

Wendy’s artwork intersects her science training, artistic inclination, and cultural interests. She often presents optical illusions, tessellations, and Islamic mosaics patterns in her egg work. She is challenged by fitting two-dimensional designs onto the ovoid eggshell canvas. Each egg varies in texture, shape, and dye reception. When she works with colored pencils, she focuses more on the light, shapes, and textures within a composition. Her colored pencil work revolves around the scenes that delight and surround her. 

Wendy’s artistic leanings were fostered early in childhood by her parents in Hong Kong, where she was born. Various art teachers nurtured her in the western and eastern media through her preteen years. Art was one of the stabilizing and calming influences in her early life.

Her artistic endeavors simmered for decades as she turned to developing her professional life and raising her two sons with her husband. She turned towards exploration of new media as time permitted. As an extension of her interests in Chinese art, she took silk painting and fabric printing classes. To maintain her skills, she took classes with a wonderful watercolor teacher. To satisfy her curiosity, she explored graphic design.

As her family responsibilities changed, Wendy spent more time on her artistic endeavors, and two media captured her: decorated eggs and colored pencil drawing. A friend introduced her to pysanky art. The weight and shape of a whole egg in her hand drew her. She developed her techniques with traditional Ukrainian designs, and then her designs evolved to include more and more her interests in optical illusions, tessellations, and Islamic mosaic patterns. The fragility of eggs and the variability of the egg surface remain challenging and resonated with her view of the ephemeral nature of life. Then she was introduced to colored pencils, which is a medium closer to her earliest training in pencil work.

Art provides her with the satisfaction of bringing together her varied life experiences in art, doctoral and postdoctoral work in developmental pharmacology and toxicology, in teaching in alternative pre-college educational settings, and working in graphic design and marketing communications. She enjoys life with her supportive husband in their home in Howard County, Maryland. 

Wendy’s art is available at HorseSpirit Arts Gallery in Savage, MD.

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