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hardellDave Hardell

Metal Sculptor

twirl_smallDave Hardell started his career with metal in 1988.  He worked as a European style apprentice for a custom Goldsmith in his hometown of Blacksburg, VA.  After completing a nine month apprenticeship, he took on the role of gallery/studio manager of the same custom jewelry store.  Nine years later he set off to open his own venture which would be called Dave Hardell Jewelers.  In 1994 Dave purchased a used welder at an auction and started to explore larger forms of metal sculpture.  This quickly blossomed into what is now Dave Hardell Jeweler/Sculptor.

hand_smallAfter settling his business roots in Maryland in 2000, he rapidly became known for his whimsical and clean-lined sculptures.  Dave has always participated in many different and affluent art shows throughout the country where his work is sought after by collectors and galleries alike.  He uses a large amount of found objects as well as recycled bicycle and motorcycle parts.  The repurposing or recycling of these objects is the crux of what he is all about.  Trying to help the environment and making people aware of a different perspective on discarded or unappreciated items and giving them new purpose is the backbone of Dave Hardell Jeweler/Sculptor.

long_smallDave’s business has recently expanded and he now creates sculptures and décor for many regional restaurants to suit their needs.  He also really enjoys creating custom works for individual clients that have a space that requires something interesting to accent it.  Dave Hardell will continue his quest to better himself as an artist, and fulfill the needs of his clients to accent their living, or outdoor space.



Historic Savage Mill
8600 Foundry Street
Suite 2063

Savage, MD 20763
located in the Cotton Shed (or Barn) building


Gallery Hours

Wed-Sun 11am-6pm
Other days/times by appointment