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Judith Finn Conway


Judith describes herself as an artist who creates with glass in its many forms. She started the study of leaded glass in the 1970s while attending schools in Germany and France, learning the skills of traditional glass leading, painting, and etching. Upon return to the United States, Judith studied with a wide range of renowned glass artists, including Narcissus Qualiata, Albinas Elksus, Paul Marioni, Roger Thomas, Catharine Newell, and Dan Fenton. In the early 1980’s she began the discovery of torchworked and kiln-formed (fused) glass and has researched, studied, and created almost exclusively in those methods since.

Judith and her family live in Laurel, Maryland, and frequently boat along the Chesapeake Bay and its inlets. She draws most of her inspiration from nature, from the shadows cast by the movement of the waters and grasses, the arrangements of rocks and reeds along the creeks, the vast stretches of water, and the constantly changing light. However, sometimes a glimpse of a rusted red bike resting against a barn, a horseshoe crab skeleton, or a tangle of weathered waterman’s tools suggests a story to share. In addition, Judith and her husband often return to France, where they met, and she takes inspiration from the ancient canals. 

Judith has taught all levels of glass techniques nationally and internationally for over thirty years. She is a frequent instructor at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York; Creative Glass in Switzerland and England; and The GlasForum in Norway. In addition, as a researcher and author, Judith has written numerous technical articles for industry publications on kiln-formed glass, education, and studio design.  

In 2001 she and her studio partner Kevin O’Toole established Vitrum Studio in Maryland, where she taught and directed an internationally acclaimed program of kiln-formed glass workshops. The partners closed the physical studio after 15 successful years and now collaborate on writing eBooks that teach the courses they developed. More information on their eBooks can be found on their website.

Judith’s art is available at the HorseSpirit Arts Gallery in Savage, MD. Her work is also in collections internationally and is frequently selected for exhibitions curated by the Arts in Embassies program of the Department of State. In addition, Judith’s art is in the permanent collections of The Bullseye Gallery, the City of Chicago, Illinois, the Museum of Northwest Art, and private collections worldwide.