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Kevin O’Toole


Kevin has always been fascinated with the process of making.  His work is influenced by a childhood in what was then rural Maryland, with days spent roaming the woods, tending his family’s garden, and sifting through old tools and machinery at local farmers’ auctions and flea markets….developing a deep appreciation of the natural world and a respect of the self-reliant ability to transform simple materials into useful tools and implements.

Kevin earned a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Maryland, and while the natural world continued to inform his work, the desire to shape glass soon won out over the desire to shape the land.  Early experiments with glass were made possible through the generous support of Judith Conway; teacher, friend and business partner. Together they owned and operated Vitrum Studios, a teaching facility in Maryland, focused on the medium of kiln formed glass.  Kevin and Judith closed the physical studio after 15 successful years, and they now craft EBooks to share their knowledge with the kiln glass community.

Many of Kevin’s more elaborate kiln glass constructions explore the connection between natural materials and the crafters/artisans/makers of early machinery, tools, and instruments. The work honors with deep appreciation the craftsmanship that is required to create an object that is not only functional, but also treasured for its beauty.

Kevin’s exploration of new materials will probably never cease, but kiln glass embodies everything he loves about the creation of art – an intensive process presenting endless ways to shape /manipulate the material and to showcase the inherent beauty, translucency and depth of color unique to glass.