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davisNancy Lee Davis



Nancy Lee Davis, a contemporary impressionist painter and colorist, started her career as an environmental advocate. For more than thirty years, she devoted herself to preserving clean air, water and natural places. She was a founder of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters, served many years as President of the BOD, and had leadership roles in other environmental groups. Now Nancy puts brush to canvas and paints the beautiful landscapes she helped to protect.

Nancy paints in oil with loose brush marks and vivid colors, preferring to have a strong abstract quality to her work while painting representationally. Strong and varying shapes are an important aspect of her paintings. She enjoys painting figures into her scenes, particularly of children. Still life painting is also among her favorites. Nancy studied the healing quality of colors and uses this knowledge to enhance her paintings.

Over the last 20 years, Nancy has studied with many well-known contemporary artists that she admires. She has painted in several states and countries, but her favorite subjects are found in Maryland’s Howard County and Eastern Shore.

Nancy has won several first place awards both locally and regionally. Her work resides in numerous private collections throughout the United States, as well as in several foreign countries. Nancy says, “The most exciting part of being a painter is that there is always more to learn and improvements to be made.” She also enjoys passing on her painting knowledge and skills by teaching through Howard County Parks and Recreation. “And teaching is the best way to improve your own painting skills,” says Nancy.