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Peter Kosterich


From Peter Kosterich’s childhood, he has always been fixing, tinkering, and modifying bikes, toys, and whatever he thought he could improve. He was the neighborhood “fix it kid.” This evolved over the years into a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Pratt Institute in New York, and his handyman business of 36 years, Perau Associates in Columbia, Maryland.

While at Pratt, many of Peter’s friends were artists in various media, so while he was studying engineering, he was also learning design. And yes, he continued modifying tools for both himself and his friends.

His knowledge of engineering skills coupled with a side education in design, and love of experimenting and modifying, led him to working with precious metals and making jewelry.

Under the guidance of precious gem and metal artist Kevin White, Peter began his journey into a second profession, Jewelry Designer. Peter’s designs are completely original and handmade. His work is abstract in nature as he pushes the limits of his tools and materials. Most are 92.5% sterling silver, and may include cubic zirconia, or diamonds. Other pieces are copper and brass with various patinas. Peter creates his own texture plates for design embossing patterns.


Peter sometimes collaborates with his wife Elizabeth Kosterich, also a jewelry artist who works in professional clay, to create unique designs incorporating both the precious metals and clay. Peter and Beth live in Columbia, Maryland.

Peter’s jewelry is available at HorseSpirit Arts Gallery in Savage, MD.